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Gravitational Waves Discovered?

If Einstein were alive today, there is no doubt he would be digging through his old research notebooks to reflect on his Theory of Gravitational Relativity and comparing it to what was recently seen. Though scientists have long known that gravity exists, they weren’t able to see it. That’s because most of the objects that […]

The Science Behind Making the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Have you ever felt your chocolate chip cookies were lacking in flavor, texture, or some other aspect you desperately sought? Well, the truth behind making chocolate chip cookies and achieving the desired results has to do with ingredients you use, as well as science. Think of the cookie recipe as your scientific experiment and, by […]

NASA Observes Something Coming Out of a Black Hole

You do not need to be a science geek to know that a black hole is supposed to draw in everything around it and suck it into the center. Black holes are interesting, regardless of your interest in the science behind them. They have been featured in science fiction novels and Hollywood movies. However, the […]

A Male Engineering Student Explains Why Female Classmates Aren’t His Equals

The areas of study recognized as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) have long been dominated by males. According to the National Girls Collaborative Project,¹ males are six times more likely to take engineering courses than their female counterparts.  For the women who do manage to fulfill their dreams of making scientific discoveries and recording […]

How Simple Physics Takes This Roller Coaster to a New Extreme

If your kids are fans of roller coasters, knowing the physics it takes to make them so exciting might just lead your children to swap a video game controller for a research notebook. While most people tend to associate high speeds with strong motors, roller coasters rely heavily on physics alone, motor or not. Introducing […]

5 Greatest Achievements of Women in Science

Today, it isn’t such a big deal to see a woman carrying around her research notebook and to take her seriously. However, years ago it was unheard of, and many woman had to get creative in order to simply learn about science, much less be active in the field. Nevertheless, there were a few women […]