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Famous Inventors and Scientists Who Relied Upon Scientific Notebooks

Long before there were typewriters, computers, tablets, and smartphones, inventors and scientists had to record their research in scientific notebooks. Documenting research, hypotheses, theories, problem solving, thoughts, ideas, and other concepts in research notebooks allowed famous investors and scientists to develop solutions to a wide range of problems, and create new inventions and methodologies of […]

Studying Tips for Engineering Students

Being a successful engineering student starts by forming proper studying habits. There is a higher learning expectation at the university level, compared to what you were used to in high school. Engineering students often find they must spend more time studying in order to successfully pass their engineering classes and complete course work on time. […]

Steps Involved in Conducting Research

True scientific research follows a strict protocol and well-established processes. The type of “research” one might conduct in the library for a paper is not the same as the type of research done for scientific purposes. Research aims to observe and describe, predict, determine the causes and explain. All of this data is typically recorded […]

Who Owns Your Research Notebook?

There are conflicting arguments over who owns a research notebook. Is it the person responsible for the research? If the research is done by a student, does it belong to the school that funded the research? The answer to this problem is complex, and there really is no right or wrong opinion on the subject. […]

Considerations for Your Personal Research Notebook

Regardless of the subject matter you are researching, a well-maintained research notebook can be your most valuable tool. It gives you a place to organize your materials and thoughts, plus it gives you a place to track what you learn throughout the process. Your notebook helps coordinate your efforts and keeps the daily problem solving […]

Tips for Creating Bibliographies

When working on a research project, an integral component is the research that is done to not only validate the findings of the project, but to also validate the reason for your research to exist at all. Have these questions been answered? Is there enough information to lead to this question or hypothesis? Is the […]

Complete a Graduate Research Project

When you do a research project at the graduate level, you have to look at it as a professional project, rather than another homework assignment. Not only does your research project require more in the way of in-depth research; it may be published by the school. This can lead to many professional opportunities for you, […]