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Science Beginning to Link Climate Change with Extreme Weather

If bad weather seems more extreme than you remember, you might not be wrong. Droughts are becoming more extreme, and hurricanes more damaging, but many have long denied its cause: climate change. The argument is over, though, because science can now link climate change to extreme weather. Take out your research notebook and take notes […]

Did the Curiosity Rover Take Pictures of Alien Life on Mars?

As NASA releases more and more pictures of the Martian surface taken by the Mars rover “Curiosity,” experts and amateurs alike have pored over the photos in hopes of learning more about the red planet. One man, however, claims that he has spotted the most shocking possible discovery of all while examining the Mars rover […]

The Best Paying Jobs for Those Majoring in Science or Engineering

Selecting a college major is an important part of defining what type of career you want after you graduate. Fields with a high demand for employees, but a lack of qualified applicants, often command higher starting salaries and significantly higher earnings once a person reaches mid-career levels. In recent years there has been a shortage […]

Scientific Notebooks Bound Right

Even in today’s digital age, the scientific notebook remains a critical tool for maintaining documentation regarding scientific experiments and studies. These bound notebooks provide an indispensible method of keeping hard physical records of scientific work that can be used to convey information to other researchers or prove the provenance of ideas or methods in court […]

College Use of Scientific Notebooks

Science majors may be familiar with what a scientific notebook is and how it is used, but those taking science as a minor or elective may not be as familiar. It is a special notebook used to preserve data from experiments and the observations made throughout the experimentation process. All the entries in the notebook […]

Help Your Student Prepare for a Science Career with the Right Notebooks

Help Your Student Prepare for a Science Career with the Right Notebooks If you have a high school or college level student who is pursuing an education that will support a career in science, or are a teacher of science at the high school or college level, there are some simple things you can do […]