The Benefits of Using a Bound Lab Notebook

The Benefits of Using a Bound Lab Notebook

Notebooks, whether for the lab or for a diary, come in all shapes, sizes, and bindings. For the science student, a laboratory notebook is a vital study and research tool. Learn some of the benefits of using a bound lab notebook and keep them in mind as you shop.

It’s a Physical Copy

If you record all of your lab work digitally, a computer crash could tank your research. There’s nothing wrong with keeping digital copies of your notes—they can be quite helpful—but a bound lab notebook is a sleek physical copy of your work. Bound books are sturdier than spiral notebooks; it’s much harder to lose or rip pages out of a bound book.

It Holds You Accountable

Again, a bound lab notebook is sturdy! If you make mistakes or start over on a project, you may be tempted to tear the pages out and start again, but mistakes are an important learning tool. Ripping a page out of a spiral notebook is easy and leaves no trace, but you’ll always be able to tell if pages are missing from a bound book. Keep a record of your mistakes so you don’t make them again.

It’s a Meditative Approach

Screens tend to make us anxious. Typing every single note onto a laptop or smartphone can make you feel scatterbrained. When you use a pen (never a pencil!) and paper to take your lab notes, you’ll feel calmer. Writing words by hand helps you remember them more reliably. It’s easier on your eyes, too.

It’s Permanent

The nature of a bound lab notebook is structured. You can’t rearrange or recategorize your notes when those pages are secured in place. Your lab book will serve as an accurate representation of your research, including mistakes and experiments performed out of order. That lab book tells the unvarnished truth about your work!

When selecting a notebook for your scientific studies, look to Scientific Notebook’s sleek selection of bound books. With archival-quality paper and securely sewn binding, each notebook provides the perfect starting point for any student of science. The benefits of using a bound lab notebook are concrete and noticeable; pick one up today and experience them for yourself.

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