The Importance of Archival Ink

We can’t understate the importance of archival ink for those who want to take their research and notetaking to the next level. Archival pens can be used for many applications, including labeling scientific specimens, log book documentation, and providing support for patent activities, auditors, legal entities, and courts. Archival pens and markers are commonly used by calligraphers, archivists, artists, curators, the government, and many others. Whether you’re keeping records, notetaking, performing scientific labeling applications, or undertaking any other important writing, make sure you use archival pens to help preserve your work.

What Is Archival Ink?

Archival ink can be described as ink that is resistant to weathering and fading, and these properties ensure it will last longer than normal ink. When using archival pens, it’s best to also use archival paper, which is also resistant to weathering and fading and can be found in high-quality laboratory notebooks. Archival pens utilize ink that is fade-resistant, won’t diminish the permanence of paper, and overall are simple to use for long-lasting results. These benefits illustrate the importance of using archival ink when documenting pertinent information, so make sure you have the right tools necessary to be successful in your research and record-keeping endeavors.

About Scientific Notebook

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