Ways You Can Upgrade Your Lab Note Taking Skills Overnight

When learning a new skill, sitting in a lecture hall, or working in a lab, taking good notes is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Taking good notes ensures that you will have a great resource to look back on. Taking notes also allows you to retain information much better. However, if you’re a student in a lab, your notebook is also an incredible observation and analysis tool.

If you want to upgrade your note taking game to the next level, you may have to make a few changes to your current routine. All you will need is a student lab notebook, and a few of these tips to maximize your efficiency. Continue reading to learn more.

Color code your notes

Buy a few pens of various colors. Color coding your notes allows you to compartmentalize and categorize the information you’re learning and everything you are observing on the spot.

Also, if you need to draw something out or complete a sketch, using various colors in the best way to lay down and visualize whatever is in your head and onto the paper.

Buy a second notebook

If you feel your handwriting is illegible, or you need some extra help when it comes to letting the information from the soak into your brain, buy another notebook and rewrite your notes neatly and legibly into the second notebook. Buying two notebooks allows you to record your observations quickly while on the spot, and then transfer them over to a second document in a much neater fashion.

Start new topics on the right side of the page

This is standard for all labs. When starting a new lab or calculation, make sure to move over a page and start on the right sided and odd numbered page to keep everything consistent.

Pre number your pages before the lab

If you are forgetful, but still want to take the best lab notes possible, prenumber the pages in your student notebook ahead of time.

This will save you time and headaches if this is a small detail that always manages to slip your mind.

Find the right student lab notebook

Of course, you can follow all of these tips and still not yield the results you want. Sometimes, you need the proper tools in order to succeed. Using the right student lab notebook can help you with that.

Find a notebook that is sturdy and can cater to your specific needs while in the lab. A scientific lab notebook for research will keep you organized and prepared. It’s one of the most valuable resources you will need.

Making your time in the lab count as a student

With these tips and the perfect student lab notebook, you can optimize your entire research experience.

Implement these ideas, and you’ll be surprised how much more organized and centered, you will feel in a matter of a few days.

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